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  Yep. I'm bored. So I figured I'd make a few updates. Updated my VCL account a few days ago, go there. I don't really update this page anymore.
    01-01-02: Happy New Year I guess

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  Not that I'm really happy with it, but have a good one anyway. Some new stuff at VCL Didn't do anything to this site that I had planned. Maybe this week or the week after...
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  Yeah, yeah. I don't update much anymore. I should really try to over the X-mas vacation, but we'll see. All my new stuff goes to VCL by the way. Head over there to check out my new stuff.
    11-27-01: New Guestbook
    Yeah. Go sign it or something. Aw come on? Please? Oh, yeah. I made it past 1000 hits on the 25th. I'd like to send some thanks out to all who have visited. I don't get alot of feed back though. Click here to go check out my VCL gallery as well.
    11-24-01: Got me some updates!
    Dream weaver isn't so bad once you get used to it... I've been able to make a non frame website with it and thats pretty sweet! Uh yeah.. if anythings still messed up I'll figure it out later. And I hope ya'll like plain graphics cause thats all you get for right now.



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